Nashville CMT TV Series Season 6 Episode 123 I Don't Want to Lose You Yet
Nashville Season 6 Episode 123: I Don't Want to Lose You Yet

Title: I Don't Want to Lose You Yet
Season: 6
Episode #: 6.15
First Air Date: July 19, 2018
Guest Stars:

Theme Song:
"Nashville theme" by The Artist: T Bone Burnett and Keefus Green.

“Going Electric” – Gunnar
Songwriters: Trent Dabbs, Sam Palladio, Jabe Beyer

“Falling Hard” – Alannah
Songwriters: Angela Lauer, Jessie Early

“When You Came Along” – Scarlett and Sean
Songwriters: Clare Bowen, Jake Etheridge, Brandon Young

Fan Rating: ??/10 (Average of all fan submitted ratings)


A medical scare gets Avery and Juliette talking; Scarlett and Sean organize a ranch benefit; Gunnar gets inspired; Avery questions a relationship; Maddie tests Twig; Deacon learns a secret.

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(Recap From Wikipedia)
Daphne acts coolly around Gideon following her discovery of the bottle of whisky under his bed. He later asks her to keep it a secret from Deacon. Scarlett and Sean arrange a benefit concert for the ranch. Following encouragement from Will and a talk with singer Steve Earle after he performs at the Bluebird, Gunnar regains his confidence to take to the stage and performs at the benefit concert. Scarlett and Sean also perform and afterwards he tries to kiss her but she tells him he needs to be with his wife and son. Deacon discovers a bottle of whisky in his father's car and tells his father that he never wants to see him again. Alannah dines with Brad who makes further advances towards her and she later breaks up with Avery. Cadence runs a temperature and he and Juliette bring her to the hospital. Juliette decides to pursue legal action against Darius and announces that she is retiring from the music industry. Maddie refuses to forgive Twig for keeping Jonah's secret but Twig fights with Jonah and later refuses to go to Europe with him. Twig then tells Maddie and they become a couple.