Nashville CMT TV Series Season 6 Episode 123 I Don't Want to Lose You Yet
Nashville Season 6 Episode 123: I Don't Want to Lose You Yet

Title: I Don't Want to Lose You Yet
Season: 6
Episode #: 6.15
First Air Date: July 19, 2018
Guest Stars:

Theme Song:
"Nashville theme" by The Artist: T Bone Burnett and Keefus Green.

“Going Electric” – Gunnar
Songwriters: Trent Dabbs, Sam Palladio, Jabe Beyer

“Falling Hard” – Alannah
Songwriters: Angela Lauer, Jessie Early

“When You Came Along” – Scarlett and Sean
Songwriters: Clare Bowen, Jake Etheridge, Brandon Young

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A medical scare gets Avery and Juliette talking; Scarlett and Sean organize a ranch benefit; Gunnar gets inspired; Avery questions a relationship; Maddie tests Twig; Deacon learns a secret.

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